SWAT Information


If your schedule does not allow you to join us for 5 days this Summer, but you would like to volunteer, join our SWAT Team! There are many pre-camp and end-of-camp jobs that we refer to as SWAT jobs, and the volunteers who fulfill them become our SWAT Team. 


SWAT jobs require a minimum of eight (8) hours of volunteer time and guarantee placement of one camper in either session of camp. SWAT jobs that run for four (4) hours must be combined with another four-hour job to total the eight volunteer hours. 




Volunteers will be notified by e-mail, confirming their placement or wait list status, along with any further instructions. 

  • PROGRAM/CRAFT PREP/SWAPS: Making SWAPS for Headquarters staff and/or preparing theme-related program materials. You may be asked to complete a project at Camp Ilchester, if needed. Program Director will provide the materials and directions for the swaps and crafts that you will be making.
  • FLAGS: Buying fabric and sewing unit flags. Sewing machine, pinking shears and basic sewing skills required. Flags must be completed one week before the session starts. Program Director will provide the materials and directions for all the flags that are needed for camp. You are expected to complete all of the Flags for Day Camp.
  • STAFF MEALS FOR GT/OT: Assist Meal Coordinator with purchasing, preparing, serving, and clean-up for General Training (date TBA) and/or Outdoor Training (date TBA).
  • SUPPLY ASSISTANCE for OT: Assist Supply Ninja to fill craft supply orders (detail-oriented job) at Outdoor Training.
  • WRAP-UP: May include sorting supplies, restocking supplies, clean up of camp equipment, cleaning camp facilities, packing/loading boxes, mulching, cleaning up grounds of Camp Ilchester. *Can be labor intensive.
  • 6th GRADE:
    • TBD. 
  • PA LEADER ASSISTANT: Assist PA leader, preparing volunteer documentation for PA girls. Additional tasks may be added, as needed. *This job is suitable for someone with limited mobility.