HCGSDC would love to have you as part of our summer camp staff, providing a rich, theme-related day camp experience for our Girl Scouts. If your schedule does not allow you to join us for 3-5 days, but you would you like to guarantee placement at camp for your daughter(s) this summer, sign up to be a member of the SWAT Team!


The Howard County Day Camp is run entirely by volunteers.  There are many pre-camp and end-of-camp jobs listed on the SWAT page that we refer to as SWAT Jobs and the volunteers who fulfill them become our SWAT Team. 


SWAT Jobs require a minimum of eight hours volunteer time and guarantee placement of one camper in either session of camp. SWAT jobs that run four hours must be combined with another four hour job to total the eight volunteer hours. You may send an email on behalf of someone who does not have a computer; it should be separate from your own response.


REGISTRATION for SWAT positions:

Registration for these positions will open January 23, 2019 at 12:01 AM and will be conducted by email only.  Please list every position you would like to volunteer for, in the order of preference.  

We will start with your first choices and match you with the first openings.  Include the number of campers you are seeking placement for. 

Volunteers will be notified via email confirming placement or wait list status. 




Please send your e-mail to gshcdaycamp@gmail.com with the SUBJECT as:   'SWAT - your name'.



To:  gshcdaycamp@gmail.com

Subj: SWAT - [your name]


I am seeking placement for 1 camper. (8 hours of volunteer time)

The SWAT jobs I am interested in helping with are:

  1. Sleep-Over, AM or PM     4-8 hrs
  2. Luncheon-both                 8 hrs
  3. Program Prep                     hrs
  4. Craft Prep                           4-8 hrs
  5. Wrap Up, Session 1 or 2   8 hrs


[Name]  Jane Smith

Email: jsmith123@yaymail.com

Phone: ###-###-####


IMPORTANT NOTE: Emails received before the official registration date will not be eligible for a position.