Inclement Weather Plan

Camp staff check doppler radar during the day, and also have a weather radio on site.


If inclement weather (e.g., thunderstorms) are approaching, we have a plan in place to keep all campers, PATs, PAs, and adult volunteers safe and accounted for. We will run our full camp day and not close early.


We sound an air horn to alert all groups to stop what they are doing, line up, count off, and walk to Temple Isaiah. Leaders will bring the unit flag, clipboard, and fanny pack. 


PATs that are observing a camper unit will travel with the unit, and then find their PAT unit once inside.


If a unit is amid Cooking Day when the air horn sounds, an adult will remain with the fire to put it out, and then join their unit inside.


Once inside, each unit has a room to go to. Units will count off again after everyone is seated. They will then have personal craft and rainy-day activity time. The Songs group will visit and lead songs, and Crafts will be held on schedule if possible.


Once the weather passes and an all-clear is given, units will line up and return to their schedule.




If we know bad weather is coming, we will alert units and ask them to plan to come inside at a set time. We will advise if campers should bring their backpacks and personal items with them, or leave them at their unit. 


If there is unexpected weather (pop-up or not on radar), units walk indoors as quickly as possible, and backpacks and personal items will stay in the unit. If the weather extends to dismissal time, adults will return to each unit to gather belongings and bring them to campers.




If there is inclement weather at dismissal time, bus riders will be lined up inside the building, walk (inside) to the front entrance of Temple Isaiah, and be counted before leaving the building. The buses will park on the loop directly in front of the doors. Once campers and PAs are on their bus, attendance will be taken again before the bus is dismissed.


If there is a significant delay in when the buses will depart camp, we will reach out to emergency contacts by e-mail (and phone if needed).


Adult volunteers and PAs who drove to camp must wait until the buses are dismissed before they leave.