Staff benefits include advanced placement of your camper(s), a free camp t-shirt and camp patch, and an on-site program for younger siblings.




Acceptance as camp staff guarantees placement for your camper(s) in the week(s) of camp that you volunteer for.




Do you want to volunteer at camp but don't have child care for your younger kids? Don't fret! Toilet-trained toddlers and young sons can come with you to camp! (See: TAGS and Boys)




All volunteers who work at least 3 days during camp are eligible to receive a rebate once camp ends. In order to receive a rebate, volunteers must do the following:


  1. Complete a LiveScan fingerprinting with FYI Fingerprints by Outdoor Training (see: Requirements). GSCM and CPS background checks alone are NOT enough to receive a rebate; you must also complete the LiveScan fingerprinting.
  2. Fill out a rebate request form at Headquarters the week you volunteer at camp. You must fill out this form by the Friday of camp to receive a rebate. You cannot request a rebate via e-mail; you must fill out the rebate request form for accounting purposes.


How rebates are calculated:


  1. Volunteers who work all 5 days of camp are eligible to receive a 100% tuition rebate for 1 Girl Scout and a 50% rebate for each additional Girl Scout. 
  2. Volunteers who work fewer than 5 days will have there rebates prorated, so they will receive a 80% rebate for 4 days of work, and a 60% rebate for 3 days of work.
  3. Only tuition paid for Girl Scouts is eligible for a rebate. Tuition paid for boys and Tags is NOT eligible for a rebate. 
  4. $20 is deducted for every training missed by the volunteer, so make sure to always sign in.


Rebates will be mailed to volunteers within 4 weeks after camp ends. Please make sure to fill out your rebate request form clearly and completely so that rebates get to you in a timely manner.