Air Quality Alert Plan (2023)


The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a tool that helps identify when an increased amounts of air pollution is predicted, so that people can take precautions depending on their risk level.


 Our unit leaders and Medical Team have all the medical information listed in our CampDoc registration system, and will support campers with breathing sensitivities as needed.


All participants are encouraged to drink water throughout the day, and to have their snow cone (or put the ice in their water bottle).


Any camper that would like to mask is welcome to do so. We will have masks available in Medical for those who would like to get and wear one.




On an "Orange" level air quality day, we will run our regular camp schedule with some adjustments.


We will reduce the intensity at our Dance and Games programs (which have more physical activity). If needed, certain camp activities can relocate indoors.




On a "Red" level air quality day, our units will move their "base camp" indoors and run most programs inside.


If there is a Cooking Day scheduled, it will be adapted to cook indoors. Campers will prep their foods, PAs and staff will use the kitchen as needed, and campers will assemble their meal.




If a camper, PA, or adult volunteer would prefer to stay home on an air quality alert day, please send a message to GSHCDC Transportation to let them know s/he will be absent.