Adult Volunteer Information


GSHCDC is run entirely by volunteers. The number of campers we can accept depends on the number of moms, dads, family members, and community members over age 18 who are willing to give their time as unit leaders, assistants, and program staff.


We would love to have you as part of our camp staff! No experience is necessarywe will train you!




There are 60+ positions that need to be filled each camp week to ensure that camp runs smoothly. (These are in addition to year-round positions like Headquarters, Business Manager, and Quartermaster.)


There are essentially three types of jobs at camp for volunteers:

  • Working in a unit. You would be placed with a group of 18-20 girls depending on age. The ratio is 2-3 adults and 2-3 Program Aides (PAs). You will do activities in the unit and take them around camp to various programs. We also have TAGS and Boys units for younger siblings of campers.
  • Working in a program. You would work with a group of PAs in the activity you are assigned (e.g., Archery, Games, Crafts, Leather, STEM, Theme). The units would come to you. Programs where adults are assigned include Archery, Crafts, Dance, Games, Indoor and Outdoor Program. Other Programs such as Songs and Storyteller are usually PA run.
  • Fill-ins. They report to Headquarters and take the place of injured/sick volunteers and/or help where an extra hand is needed. They need to be very flexible as they will go from job to job.




We make every attempt to place volunteers in one of their top 3 choices, either by location or age group. Unfortunately, sometimes because of circumstances, this cannot always happen. Here is how we makes placements so that you may better understand how volunteers are assigned to their positions.


  1. Unit Leaders (01s) from previous years are given top priority. If their Assistant Leaders (02s) wish to work with them again, then their whole team will be assigned together.
  2. Returning volunteers who are willing to be Unit Leaders (01s) are placed next.
  3. Tags, Boys, and PAT unit positions are next. These are some of our most important positions at camp. If we do not have units for the younger children of our volunteers, many of our volunteers would be unable to come to camp. Fewer volunteers means fewer campers will be admitted to camp.
  4. Full-time volunteers are placed. Volunteers with little or no experience are placed with more experienced leaders. If we have a dearth of experienced volunteers, we will place new volunteers with teaching experience in charge of units. We will then place experienced program aides (PAs) with them.
  5. Part-time volunteers are placed.