A Week at Camp





The camp day begins at the bus stop, where the campers are picked up and driven to the camp on a standard school bus. On the first day, prior to boarding the bus, the campers will be given a color-coded name badge and bus button with a special design for each bus. The campers are required to wear the button all day.


Arriving at camp, campers will match their nametag color with the colored banners on the field. There will be several adults and older Scouts to welcome the campers and assist any girl who needs help finding her unit.


Each morning begins with a flag ceremony at the flag circle. After the ceromony your camper can expect full day of activities and fun! Activities include crafts, dance, songs, storytelling, STEM, archery (4th graders and up), and much more! At the end of the day the camp again gathers at the flag circle for closing and dismissal. So that no one is left behind, we have all campers line up according to the different design on their bus button. All names are checked before boarding the buses and heading home.


All campers will have the opportunity to cook a meal at camp. On this day, lunch will be provided. Your camper will need to bring a mess kit or unbreakable plate, flatware and, if possible, a dunk bag (mesh bag with string attached, usually used for washing lingerie). These items will only be needed on Cooking Day. Your camper will bring home a letter on Monday to let you know which day she will be cooking.





  • Wear a previous year's camp shirt, Girl Scout shirt, or your favorite short-sleeved shirt.
  • Receive this year's t-shirt.



  • Wear this year's t-shirt.



  • Wear something related to your camp name or Patriotic colors. 



  • Wear your unit colors.
  • Parade of Colors at opening flag ceremony



  • Wear this year's new t-shirt; bring a permanent marker for shirt signing.
  • Whole-camp activity 
  • Closing Programskits and chants
  • SWAP exchange in afternoon