Transportation Policies


Parents or authorized childcare providers are responsible for supervising campers in their care before the bus arrives, and after the camper is dropped off at the end of each day.


We understand that sometimes events come up that prevent parents from getting to the bus stop in time to pick up their children. In the interest of the safety of all of our campers, we cannot allow children to remain at the bus stop unattended.


If you know you will be unable to pick up your children at the appointed time (that is ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive), please make other arrangements and notify Transportation of the changes. Should you not be able to make other arrangements, call us before 3:00 pm and instead of putting your child on the bus, we will keep her here at camp until 4:00 pm.

Girl Scout policy states that if a child is left unattended at a bus stop, we are to call the police to get them. While we can reach some of the bus stops very quickly from Camp to pick up a child, we cannot reach all stops in a safe time and so would have to call the police.