Since Outdoor Training was shortened due to flood and weather concerns, please take the time to review the following matierals before the start of your camp session.




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Fire Safety & Fire Building

FIRE SAFETY and BUILDING handouts.docx
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Typical Cooking Day Schedule.doc
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Cooking Day Duties.doc
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Latrine Cleaning

Medical & Emergency Information

Ticking time bomb.pdf
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TickEncounter Resource Center.docx
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How to Identify Poison Ivy.docx
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Prevent Lyme disease.pdf
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How to use epi pen.docx
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Medical Care.pub
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Tarps & Knots

This is the knot that will help you string a tight line to hang backpacks on.
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This is the knot that will help you tighten the lines on the dining fly (awning.)
Tautline Hitch.jpg
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Unit Set Up

Recognising Child Neglect or Abuse