Rebate Info:


All volunteers who work at least 3 days during camp are eligible to receive a rebate once camp ends.  In order to receive a rebate, volunteers must do the following:


  1. Complete a background check through FYI Fingerprinting by outdoor training.  GSCM and CPS background checks alone are NOT enough to receive a rebate; you must also complete the background check with FYI Fingerprinting.
  2. Fill out a rebate request form at headquarters the week you volunteer at camp.  You must fill out this form by Friday of camp to receive a rebate.  You cannot request a rebate via email, you must fill out the rebate request form for accounting purposes.


How rebates are calculated:


  1. Volunteers who work all 5 days of camp are eligible to receive a 100% tuition rebate for 1 Girl Scout and a 50% rebate for each additional Scout. 
  2. Volunteers who work fewer than 5 days will have there rebates prorated, so they will receive a 80% rebate for 4 days of work, and a 60% rebate for 3 days of work.
  3. Only tuition paid for Girl Scouts is eligible for a rebate.  Tuition paid for boys and Tags is NOT eligible for a rebate. 
  4. $20 is deducted for every training missed by the volunteer, so make sure to always sign in.


Rebates will be mailed to volunteers within 4 weeks after camp ends.   Please make sure to fill out your rebate request form clearly and completely so that rebates get to you in a timely manner.